In contrast to the four successful International Blockchain Schools in 2016 to 2019, this year we will lift it to the next level by establishing three parallel tracks on Wednesday and Thursday:

  1. Explorer: this track will be the continuation the successful format from previous years. In addition to this, students will work together with case organisations from industry and public sector on developing blockchain prototypes in a hackathon.
  2. Exploiter: this track will offer the opportunity for students with prior experience around blockchain prototyping to work with organisations which have already prototypes developed. The intention in the included hackathon is to further improve demonstrators, or design them anew, to meet the more advanced requirements and level of know-how among participating students as well as organisations.
  3. Next Tech: this track is the protocol track where technical issues in existing blockchain / DLT systems are discussed and potential solutions are developed. This track will include a makerthon, where not necessarily code is written, but where potential solutions are developed conceptually.

All students will be encouraged to further improve their work in form of academic papers coached by the blockchain school organisers.

This is a draft program for the 2022 International Blockchain School (Winter Edition). Further details on speakers, locations, etc. will be added as we go along.

Day 1Monday, January 24th - Opening intro lecturesLocation
08:00-09:00Registration and light breakfastScrollBar
09:00-09:15Introduction to the International Blockchain SchoolAuditorium 0
Presentation by Michel Avital – The Sweet Spots of BlockchainAuditorium 0
10:15-10:30Coffee breakScrollBar
10:30-11:30Presentation by Peter Sestoft – Introduction to Blockchain TechnologyAuditorium 0
11:30-12:30Presentation by Stefan Voigt – Blockchain-Based Asset Trading and SettlementAuditorium 0
12:30-13:30Lunch breakScrollBar
13:30-14:30Presentation by Qin Xin (virtual) – Security Issues and Cryptography Foundations for BlockchainAuditorium 0
14:30-15:30Presentation (virtual) by Jonas Valbjørn Andersen – Understanding Decentralization in Proof-of-Stake Blockchains: An Agent-Based Simulation ApproachAuditorium 0
15:30-16:00Coffee breakScrollBar
16:00-17:00Presentation by Boris Düdder – Blockchain Key Technical Development ToolsAuditorium 0
17:00-18:00Presentation by Fritz Henglein – Introduction to Smart Digital Contracts and Distributed Ledger TechnologyAuditorium 0
18:00-19:00Maersk receptionScrollBar
19:00End of Day 1
Day 2Tuesday, January 25th - Lectures, Case Presentations, and Group Formation 
08:00-09:00Light breakfastScrollBar
09:00-10:15Presentation by Roman Beck – Blockchain Economics and Market Engineering Auditorium 0
10:15-10:30Coffee breakScrollBar
10:30-12:30Track 1 use cases presentation and discussionAuditorium 0
12:30-13:30Lunch breakScrollBar
13:30-14:30Presentation by Alexandra Andhov (virtual) – Regulating Blockchain: Recent Regulatory Developments and PrinciplesAuditorium 0
14:30-16:30Track 2 introAuditorium 0
16:30-17:00Coffee breakScrollBar
17:00-17:30Track 3 use cases presentation and discussionAuditorium 0
17:30-18:00Group splits up into the three tracksAuditorium 0
18:00-19:00Tryg receptionScrollBar
19:00End of Day 2
Day 3Wednesday, January 26th - Hackathons and Makathons 
08:00-09:00Light breakfastScrollBar
09:00-10:15Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessionsGroup rooms
10:15-10:30Coffee breakScrollBar
10:30-12:30Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessionsGroup rooms
12:30-13:30Lunch breakScrollBar
13:30-20:45Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessionsGroup rooms
20:45End of Day 3
Day 4Thursday, January 27th - Hackathons and Makathons 
08:00-09:00Light breakfast ScrollBar
09:00-10:15Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessions Group rooms
10:15-10:30Coffee breakScrollBar
10:30-12:30Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessions Group rooms
12:30-13:30Lunch breakScrollBar
13:30-20:45Tracks 1 to 3 in parallel sessions Group rooms
20:45End of Day 4
Day 5Friday, January 28th - Student Presentations, Awards and Nordic Blockchain Summit 
08:00-09:00Light breakfastScrollBar
09:00-09:30The teams complete their development and work on the demonstrator / presentationAuditorium 1
09:30-11:30Presentation of the results to the industrial and academic coachesAuditorium 1
11:30-12:30Lunch break and end of the International Blockchain School 2022ScrollBar
13:00 -13:105th Nordic Blockchain Summit – Welcome and opening remarksAuditorium 1
13:10-13:40Keynote 1: Addie Wagenknecht (Algorand)Auditorium 1
13:40-14:10Keynote 2: Caroline Kaeb (European Commission)Auditorium 1
14:10-14:40Keynote 3: Francis Gross (European Central Bank)Auditorium 1
14:40-15:00PresentationAuditorium 1
15:00-15:30Coffee breakScrollBar
15:30-16:00Panel debate: Mette Kanstrup Petry (Nationalbanken), Jon Hasling Kyed (Finanstilsynet), Mads Stolberg-Larsen (ZTLment)Auditorium 1
16:00-16:50Presentation of best group results from the 5th Blockchain School and audience votingAuditorium 1
16:50-17:00Award ceremony for the best Blockchain Winter School ideas and winners and closing remarks by Roman BeckAuditorium 1
17:00End of Nordic Blockchain SummitAuditorium 1

Reception and Social GatheringAuditorium 1
19:00End of Day 5