How much does the International Blockchain School cost?

The participation fee is €340.- /DKK 2,500.- for international PhD students and is free for Danish PhD students, international master students, and Danish master students.

Who is eligible to apply for the International Blockchain School?

Students interested in participating in the International Blockchain School must be enrolled as PhD or master students in a computer science, information systems, engineering or other cognate programs at a university.

What is done in the three tracks at the International Blockchain School?

Track 1 is focusing on developing skills and advancing the understanding of students and organizations alike. The development of a proof-of-concept demonstrator during the hackathon is envisioned. Track 2 is focusing on advancing existing skills and maturing already existing PoCs toward more applicable solutions in a hackathon, aiming for developing a more refined demonstrator. Track 3 is a tech track, where DLT providers provide challenges in developing and improving DLT protocols themselves. This track is for computer science students developing solutions in a makathon.

How can I get ECTS points and what do I need to do to receive a certificate?

PhD students receive ECTS points, while master students can seek recognition of their work during the International Blockchain School in form of special projects at the universities and thus should consult their local universities. All students will receive a certificate of participation. ECTS points are only granted to PhD students who hand in a report after the end of the International Blockchain School. Further information for PhD students can be found here: https://en.itu.dk/Research/PhD-Programme/PhD-Courses/PhD-courses-2022/PhD-Course—International-Blockchain-School—Winter-Edition

Who is the organizer of the International Blockchain School?

The blockchain school is organized by IT University of Copenhagen with partners and sponsors.

Where can I stay during the International Blockchain School?

Please note that you have to book accommodation yourself. Below are some suggestions:

Kong Arthur
Hotel Ibsens
Guldsmeden Hotel
Avenue Hotel

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel
Urban House
Generator Hostel Copenhagen
Danhostel Copenhagen City

How can I get to the International Blockchain School 2022?

Please note that transportation to and from the Inernational Blockchain School will not be provided and you will have to make travel arrangements yourself.

To/from Copenhagen:
You can either take the plane to Copenhagen Airport or the train to Hovedbanegården (Copenhagen Central Station). Both have connections to regional and local trains or the metro.

Within Copenhagen:
To get to the International Blockchain School 2022, either take the bike (if you have one) or use public transportation (metro) to DR Byen and Carlsberg St,. Travel information within Denmark is available via www.rejseplanen.dk.

What should I do if I require a visa?

Please get in touch with us: info@blockchainschool.eu

Will I be able to access the Internet during the event?

Internet access is provided via Eduroam.