About the 2018 Blockchain Summer School



The Blockchain Summer School will be held at Copenhagen Business School on 13-17 August 2018. The Summer School is an initiative of the European Blockchain Center and run jointly for the third year by faculty members from Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen University, and IT University. The Summer School would not be possible without the generous support of Our Partners.

Aims and Objectives

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to disrupt multiple industries. The prevailing interest of global organizations, entrepreneurs, investors, and governments in blockchain technology is evident in spite of the dearth of existing industrial strength blockchain-based applications. The design and implementation of blockchain-based systems requires interdisciplinary knowledge as well as mindful consideration of broader economic and societal issues.

Against the backdrop of the recent development in blockchain technology, the blockchain summer school will focus on the application of blockchain technology for generating business and social value. The participants will learn how blockchain technology is disrupting the prevailing business models and will gain insights from business, organizational and computer science viewpoints. Subsequently, the participants will acquire a toolset that would be instrumental in developing new blockchain-based solutions.

The summer school underscores how to set up a development environment and how to work with decentralized blockchain application platform such as Ethereum. The participants will learn to design and implement smart contracts and will code decentralized apps. Once the foundations of blockchain have been introduced, the participants will work on their own blockchain development projects, supported by the participating industry partners. The outcomes will be functioning demonstrations as well as support documents that illustrate how a blockchain implementation can address real-world challenges.


The number of participants in the summer school is limited and we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Interested students are encouraged to apply early. See more information here: How to Apply

Certificate of Participation

All participants who complete the summer school will get a certificate of participation.

Academic Credit

All students may apply to receive 2.5 ECTS or 5.0 ECTS provided that they also enroll to the designated course in the Doctoral School of Business and Management at CBS and meet the evaluation criteria of a passing grade. Enrollment to the PhD course requires an additional fee. Please find more information at: https://phdcourses.dk/Course/62325.

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